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Remember my name...FAME [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Dec 2005|04:21pm]

Im home this Friday....

So school is good. Im absolutly exhausted. But loving it.


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[13 Oct 2005|03:46pm]

I hate the pack your life in a suitcase, pre-leaving emo mood...i need some karokee.

Well the Flanks are OUT!!! National Coming out day was October 11. And what a better way to celebrate. We made a movie capturing the essance of Gays and Lesbians in America. I think it is the best movie every made. Jenny lost her job at ReMAX homo team. I guess fat people cant work with there friends. Amy is a bitch. But we found her two jobs by 10p.m. that night. This will be good for her. Less stress for my Flanks.

Jen-Fletch (child music star known around westland for her great rock, pop, country, rap sensations) carved pumpkins with me last night it was fun. We drove to the nursery and got 5 pumpkins and put them in a bag. Its was crazy the bag started ripping and pumpkins started falling all over.We made a karokee pumpkin for the bar tonight. Its cool. We carved a alcohol bottle and a microphone with some music notes. Our second pumpkin captures the charm of Barak the D.J. Coffee mug and all. I cant wait to go.

Well I need to pack my life in a suitcase. So much to do....and only a little more time.


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[21 Sep 2005|12:02am]

Im getting my wisdom teeth pulled today. Ahhh!! Lets hope for a fast recovery. I need to watch So You Think You Can Dance? and dance on thursday.

I made Kyla's Halloween costume from scratch. My own pattern, I bought the fabric. Its so sweet. I used my grandma's sewing machiene so it makes it even better. She adorable in it. I wish i could watch her trick or treat.:(

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[19 Sep 2005|12:19pm]

I think you all have missed the point. My journal entry is clearly a synopsis of my summer. That was... a moment in my summer. Amanda is or was(im not sure on the status), a great friend. But that was clearly not a plea for anyone. Amanda, Im not sitting here to win anyone back. Because If I was... I'd be trying a lot harder. Its being made out that I have lost the world...Any clearly i havent lost a thing...besides time. I have spoken my peace, we had a great time, but I think I need to move on to someone with a little more maturity and a lot more compassion for others. Hopefully we both can act adult enough to see each other at dance and be courteous because I don't want weird feelings or anger. I want a resolution to this ongoing unesscessary fighting.

We Flanks conquered another job-well-done. The Greek Flame featuring the Flanks at their finest.

Chicago was a hoot.

So after waiting for Africa to decide what they were doing, we  finally made it on the road. Headed for Chicago and AMERICAN IDOL! We were thrilled.  Until we got to our MOTEL room at the ThiftLogde in Niles, Illinios. It was nice probally one of the best room i have ever been in. The wall paper was straight out of the 60's and i think so was everytihng else. It was like being in the movie Monster. YES!!! Well after a poop and some snacks; it was time to go survey the crowd at the stadium. 10 minutes later we sit in the car looking at all the people who want to freeze there asses off to get a wristband. We went back, and decided to be Flanks. If they dont give us a braclet then whateva'. Sleep.

Thursday morning we wake up at 10 and decided to look horrible and head into the city. We went to the stadium got our braclets and then had an orientation. After, we were starving and needed to eat. We ate in the freezing cold so we could watch people and the off to the 9 story Marshall Fields. It was amazing. I love touching expensive 10,000 dollars dress and 1,500 dollars little knit sweaters. It was nice. Jenny put on some dresses whilee I sat there thinking about stealing. OKAY, FCUK and Juicy Men and Buffalo jeans just sittting there for me to play. BUT NO. We left and then walked around played in the gardens and the huge fountain, eat icecream, stole orange juice and water, went to a cappucino party, rode the subway. It was so much fun. I cant even descibe. We missed Jenny.

We needed a new place to stay. So of  course the Econo Motel was the place to be. Well after a huge detour into Harlem we got there and Andrew and I went to get our room. Jenny waited in the car.

Andrew-We would like a room for tonight.

Indain Women(accent needed)-Sure i have big big room. Big bed. You want for... four hours or... the whole night?

(Andrew and Ernie look at each other)

Ernie-Definitely the whole night!!!!!!

Indian Women(accent needed)-O yes. I give you big room. Big bed. Big Bed

We walked out with our key in hand. Room 26 was waiting. We open it up and to our surprize it was a nice kings size bed with a king size mirror on the ceiling. It was gonna be a great sleep for the trio.

Friday wake up, and ready. Jenny and I got so hot. It was amazing. But after two hours of sitting in the rain, wind, and 50 degree weather our good looks went to hell. We waited 9 hours to audition. I was there for support and fun... But we never got bored. We were prepared with crossword puzzles, snacks, bible triva. It was great. I can't even explain but sitting in that stadium was so much fun. Well Jenny made it to the second round out of thousands of people. They enjoyed what i did, But Broadway isnt for them. I guess. They told her, that her sound wasnt unique enough. But she was great. We ate at Heaven on Seven.........it was good. I love gumbo and angry chickens. After it was a little walking, I found a Marshall Fields bag, and we went back to the motel to pick up the car and leave. Home alas.

Notice***I left out the being lost and fights...well arguments. It was a great trip. We missed Jenny


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[13 Sep 2005|04:53pm]

So..its almost here. Its almost time to say goodbye to one of the craziest summers ever. I dont even know where to begin...

I was excited to come home. Ready to end a year, and take a break from school. Little did I know I would be getting my self into. It started with a musical that I personally wasnt excited to be in. Jesus Christ Superstar, but I looked a head. With the help of The Flanks they made me realize that singing about Jesus and dancing was gonna be great. It was another chance to perform, and I got to choreograph the show. It was amazing. My time and life was emersed in the show. I worked on it every day, saw the same people everyday, and tighten my friendship with old and new pals. It was by far the best show I had ever been in. We have so many memories.... The Flanks featuring Andrew, Dan, Micheal, Zealots, Pauls pecks, goucho pants, topless dancing, lite night parties on venoy, Mr.Show, Beaver Creek, KAREN, sex swings, annoying church kids, thumbs up to Ken, Fat people complaining becasue their fat, The Rocket Summer,  "Get OUT!!! My temple should be..."(enough said). I could go on for years. I never cry  when a show is over. But this one was different.

The show was done but I had already messed up my friendship with a person I love and care about deeply. Someday...

The rest of summer up till now was filled with karokee nights, deep cries, Tommy Sheldon and Flank fun.The Flanks featuring Andrew are indescribable. They are my best friends in the world. Us flanks are a symbiosis. We need each other to get through life. I cant even remember all the things we did, but i remember waking up at Andrews a few times, after a drunken night. Karokee, dancing for black girls, Chinese men, stealing, Gimme Gimme, Wheel Fest, hard times, G.J's, Lucy, My drunken birthday, Papa Flank, side salads with ranch, stealing, dancingn in the rain, making out, Tennis, Homo's pizza, toliet papering dans house, swimming illegally, skinny dipping(well me), strecking with Amber and Andrew, alcohol, stealing, fireworks, John's cocktail party, mix c.d.'s, 86 year old polish women, dance, red bull,Cedar Point, making movies about some adoption, being kicked out of bars, boogah baths, lunches from the old lady, So You Think You Can Dance?....and on and on.

Im glad I have my friends to be around me. This summer is amazing!! and its still not done.

Chicago this weekend...Jenny Jolly is auditioning for american idol.

Flanks featuring Andrew...its the best thing to hit Wayne county in years.



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